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Microsoft Internet Explorer Update – end of 8,9 &10 support

This is a reminder that Microsoft are removing technical support and security updates from Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 on Windows 7 SP1, from tomorrow, Tuesday 12 January 2016. Ref: their blog announcement from 7th August 2015: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com For continued support you should migrate to Internet Explorer...

Cloud or Not? January 2016 Free eGuide

In this 13 page paper, we’re going to explore the phenomenon of the cloud with the aim of helping you decide whether cloud computing could be beneficial for you and your organisation. We’ll also examine some of the challenges and potential issues.

Connection Vouchers Scheme Suspension

STOP PRESS: 12th Oct 2015 The funds available to the Connection Vouchers Scheme are close to being fully committed and it has now become necessary to suspend the...

Technology Knowledge Share on Office 365 – 19th Jan 2016

We are noticing a general trend amongst our clients of choosing to migrate to Microsoft’s Office 365. If you are considering deploying Office 365, or want better understanding of its features, join us.

Cloud or Not? 17th Nov 2015

One of the questions we are most frequently asked is ‘should I move to the Cloud or not?’ Come along to this free event November 17th, 8.30am-10am, at the Aidan Meller Gallery, Oxford to find out more about how to make this decision.

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